East Side Mario’s

Hell’s Kitchen Poutine

Chicken, tomato, mushrooms sauteed in Hell’s sauce and gravy on top of cheesy Mario’s potatoes.


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East Side Mario's

75 Consumers Drive 
Saint John, NB E2J 4Z6




Hours of Operation

Sunday 11am – 10pm
Monday 11am – 10pm
Tuesday 11am – 10pm
Wednesday 11am – 10pm
Thursday 11am – 10pm
Friday 11am – 10pm
Saturday 11am – 10pm

Barred Rock Chicken

Smoked Brisket Poutine

Hand cut fries, Sussex curds, Reuben sauce, sauerkraut, pickles, chives.

Britt’s Pub Uptown

Wild Boar Poutine

Braised in bourbon and black garlic, cheese curds, house cut fries, garnished with crispy onions.

Britt’s Pub Uptown

Jerk Chicken Poutine

Plantain fries, reggae reggae gravy, cheese curds, spring onions topped with jerk chicken.

Britt’s Pub Uptown

Vegan Poutine

Sweet fries, spicy cashew con queso, pico de gallo, guacamole, jalapenos, nacho crusted tofu.

Britt’s Pub Rockwood

Short Rib Poutine

Braised short rib, a blend of both sweet and house cut fries, cheese curds, sauteed mushrooms, onions, rosemary gravy garnished with hickory sticks.

Britt’s Pub Rockwood

Duck Confit Poutine

Slow roasted duck, infused with the citrus and spice, cheese curds with a rich duck gravy on house fries topped with a sunny side egg.

Britt’s Pub Rockwood

Lobster Poutine

Shediac lobster, lemon pepper beurre blanc, curds, house cut fries, dill spring onions, garnished with a charred lemon.

East Side Mario’s

Hell’s Kitchen Poutine

Chicken, tomato, mushrooms sauteed in Hell’s sauce and gravy on top of cheesy Mario’s potatoes.


Fried Chicken Poutine with Sausage Gravy

Crispy fries, Quebec cheese curds, Fried chicken tenders, crispy bacon, green onions, topped with Italian sausage gravy.


Fire It Up Poutine

A juicy sirloin burger crumbled up with honey chipotle sauce, chopped up dusty’s and jalapenos with real cheddar cheese and curds topped with gravy and a lil’ bacon.

Rocky’s Sports Bar

Popcorn Chicken Poutine

Tasty matchstick fries topped with cheese curds, turkey gravy and popcorn chicken.

Saint John Ale House

Steak and Ale Poutine

NB potatoes, Sussex cheese curds, stout infused poutine sauce, shredded beef, pickled shallots.

St. Louis Bar & Grill

Southern Heat Poutine

Fries, cheese curds and gravy, topped with chicken fried ribs, smoked BBQ heat sauce, our famous garlic dill sauce and green onions.

Swiss Chalet

Swiss Chalet Poutine

Fresh home cut fries, topped with a choice of pulled pork or crispy chicken, shredded cheese and our signature chalet sauce or gravy. Garnished with fresh tomatoes and green onion finished off with a drizzle of our homemade garlic aioli.

Vito’s East

Moussaka Poutine

Crispy fries, eggplant, ground beef with a creamy béchamel sauce.

Vito’s KV

Feta Bruschetta Poutine

Tomato, red onion, feta, black olives, pepperoncini, Greek creamy feta dressing.

Vito’s Uptown

All Meat Pizza Poutine

Fries, Vito’s famous pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, salami, sausage and bacon.

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