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Pump House Brewpub & Pump House Shediac

Alabama Pork Burnt Ends Poutine

French fries with cheese curds and gravy topped with smoked pork belly burnt ends, an Alabama white BBQ sauce and scallions.

Resto 577

Butter Chicken Poutine

Crispy golden fries topped with pieces of crispy chicken, a blend of mozzarella and curd cheeses, smothered in our famous butter chicken sauce and finished off with green onions and a sour cream drizzle.

Deluxe French Fries

Deluxe Double Baked Potato Poutine

A double baked twist featuring our famous fresh cut french fries with curd cheese, fried onions, fresh bacon bits, chopped green onion, grated cheddar cheese and chicken gravy, topped with a dollop of sour cream.

Smoke’s Poutinerie

The Bacon Poutine

Fresh cut fries topped with real cheese curds, loads of bacon and our signature gravy or our gluten-free veggie gravy.

The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse

Dublin' your waistline!

Crispy coated fries and real cheese curds covered in our house made gravy ramped up with our Jameson’s BBQ sauce, coffee, and a secret blend of spice – topped off with ground beef, ground pork, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed onions, and green onions. You’ll be ready for that nap after this one! $1 per poutine sold will be donated to Inclusion Advocacy SENB!

Lenny’s Takeout

Lobster Poutine

Fries, cheese curds, tender lobster, all smothered in our creamy seafood sauce.


1989 Poutine

If you enjoy our delicious 1989 Burger, you’ll love this poutine packed with flavour featuring fresh cut seasoned fries, peppercorn beef gravy, cheese curds, ground chuck and brisket, fresh cut salsa, shredded lettuce, smoked bacon, cajun crisp onions, and topped with a drizzle of burger sauce!


Igloo Beverage Room

The Igloo Steak Night Poutine

Crispy coated fries topped with cheese curds, gravy, onions, mushrooms and our hand cut steak.

Hub City Pub (Casino NB)

Maple Braised Pork Belly Poutine

Fries with braised pork belly in maple syrup, house made pork sauce with spices, sesame seeds, topped with curd cheese, green onions and tomatoes.

Classic Burger

Chicken Alfredo Poutine

Crispy fries topped with white cheddar cheese curds, grilled chicken breast, crispy pancetta and sautéed mushrooms, drizzled with our delicious gluten-free poutine gravy and alfredo sauce.

Big Dog’s BBQ (ECRG)

The Carnita Pork Poutine

Crispy fries topped with white cheddar cheese curds shredded Carnita pork, grilled sliced red peppers, pickled jalapenos, served with our queso cheese sauce and our delicious gluten-free poutine gravy.

Brooklyn Deli (ECRG)

The Bacon & Goat Cheese Poutine

Crispy fries topped with white cheddar cheese curds, goat cheese and bacon crumble, topped with green onions and served with our delicious gluten-free poutine gravy.

El Centro (ECRG)

TexMex Poutine

Crispy fries topped with ground beef, shredded lettuce, shredded cheddar, diced tomatoes, diced red onions, crushed Sweet Chili Heat Doritos and drizzled with a house made chipotle crema.

The Flourless Pot Gluten Free Kitchen (ECRG)

Deep Dish Poutine Pizza

Our crispy gluten-free deep dish pizza crust topped with our signature pizza sauce mixed with our delicious gluten-free gravy, crispy fries and mozzarella cheese.

Paparazzi Poutine (ECRG)

Five Fries Poutine

Our five crispiest fries (regular cut, curly, spicy crinkle, sweet potato & waffle fries) topped with white cheddar cheese curds served with our delicious gluten-free poutine gravy.

Take the Cake (ECRG)

Apple Pie Funnel Fry Poutine

Funnel Fries tossed in cinnamon sugar, topped with apple pie filling, graham cracker crumbs, real whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

Gahan House Hub City

Pass Da’ Poutine

Breaded deep fried chicken breast, tomato & herb gravy, pesto cheese curds, Gahan seasoned fries and parmesan.

Cheers Beverage Room

Dunn Right Steak Poutine

Our signature golden crispy fries topped with cheese curds, homemade turkey gravy, Philly steak, sauteed mushrooms, crispy fried onions, and drizzled with Dunn Right BBQ Sauce.

Sabre Zone Food Truck

Sabre Zone Poutine

Fresh cut fries, dark gravy, cheese curds, freshly cooked ground beef, Sabre Zone’s secret spice, topped with finely chopped green and red peppers, tomatoes and finished with a Thai Chili sauce.

Located at 491 Mountain Road

Fox N Hound

Fireside Poutine

Derived from our famous Fireside burger, this poutine starts off with fries dusted in our house spice. Topped with ground beef, beef gravy, cheese curds, dusted onions and dusted jalapenos, drizzled in chipotle mayo. $1 per poutine sold will be donated to 2024 Riverview Graduating Class!

Route 6 Spicy Bar & Grill

El Camino Poutine

Golden crispy fries smothered in cheese curds, topped with local ground beef & Kurt’s bacon, marinara sauce, onions, green peppers, homemade chili sauce, sprinkled parmesan and a dollop of sour cream with chives.

TRIIIO Delta Beauséjour

Dirty Fries

Crispy fries topped with melted shredded jack cheese, crisp fried onions, secret Dirty Sauce, and fresh chives. $1 per poutine sold will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network!

Wing’n It

Roger Victor Whiskey Poutine

A traditional Canadian poutine with a Wing’n It tailspin. Topped with onion rings and 3 boneless wings prepared in our top selling sauce, Roger Victor Whiskey. Tossed in BBQ sauce, with a Mach 2 drizzle and a sprinkle of taco seasoning.

Skipper Jack’s

The Seafood Platter Poutine

House fries, curds, topped with lobster, wild shrimp, scallops and haddock with green onion sauce.

Chris Rock Tavern

Spicy Ron's Poutine

Our signature fresh cut fries, ground beef in homemade gravy, real curds, battered jalapeños, shredded pickles, and topped with a sweet sauce and sesame seeds.

Montana’s BBQ & Bar

The Smokin’ Stroganoff

Smoked angus ground beef, lots of cheese curds, sautéed mushrooms, beef stroganoff gravy, piled high with fried crispy onions, and a drizzle of cajun spiced sour cream! Garnished with green onions.

Big League Burgers & Wings

Wild-style Smashburger Fries

Our signature fries topped with 2 smashburger patties, American cheese, grilled onions and animal-style burger sauce.

Sports Rock Dieppe

Montreal Smoked Meat Poutine

Crispy fries with curds and gravy topped with a grand slam of Montreal smoked meat, crispy onion straws, thousand island dressing and a deep fried pickle spear.

Sports Rock Mountain Road

WTF Poutine

What the foutine? Our golden fries topped with cheese curds, red eye gravy, old cheddar and our WTF mixed meats (roast beef, pulled chicken, pulled pork all mixed together in a smokey bold BBQ sauce), a sprinkle of green onions and of course, bacon.

Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse

Pan Poutine

We’ve brought back our fan favourite Pan Poutine with 4 all-new iconic flavours! You’ll find a Butter Chicken Poutine, a Swicy Mac’n Cheese Poutine, The Truck Stop Pickle Poutine and the Bacon BBQ Bourbon Poutine.


The Rosa

Plank-style sweet potato fries, lime crema, fresco cheese, house made guacamole and pico de gallo.

St. Louis Bar & Grill

Grilled Brisket Poutine

St. Louis signature fries with curds and gravy, topped with grilled brisket, diced red peppers, slivered green onions, a smokey BBQ sauce and oh yes – our famous garlic dill sauce! $1 from each poutine is donated to Harvest House!

Five Bridges

Philly Cheese Steak Poutine

Shaved sirloin, sauteed red onions, mushrooms and green peppers, served with our hand cut fries, house gravy, mozzarella cheese and cheese curds.

Dixie Lee Moncton

Popcorn Chicken Poutine

Crispy popcorn chicken bites nestled atop a bed of golden fries, smothered in our savoury Dixie gravy and topped with fresh cheese curds.

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